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1999/10/01 Lorenzo, Arantza | Uranga, Ane Miren Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Since Roman times wine has been an essential drink in meals and its absence has been associated with misfortune. There is also no shortage of wines in current celebrations. However, we cannot forget that the base of the wine is the grape, which is, along with lightning, chirimón, brinón and banana, the fruit with more calories. In the case of grapes, calories come from carbohydrates, which determine the quality of wine.

Wine is the most important drink of the grape and is obtained as a result of the fermentation caused by yeast in the grape must. Must sugar is transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

There are many types of wine that are distinguished by their color, taste and smell. These characteristics depend on the five factors listed below:

1.- Type of grape: each type of grape brings to the wine its characteristics and personality. In Navarra, for example, garnacho, tempranillo, Gabernet souvignon, viura, mazuel, etc. are used.

2.- Climate: The fact that in one year it rains more or less than in another, has taken more or less hours of sun, etc., regardless of the type of grape, influences the characteristics of the wine. That is why every harvest is special.

3.- Land: the grape plant will acquire food according to the type of land. This feature can be transformed by studying the soil and growing it to obtain the food needed by the strains.

4.- Maturity: the final result will determine the date of reception of the grapes, which will depend on the acidity and taste of the wine (amount of sugar).

5.- Production: that is, the way in which the winemaker works with these grapes. It will also be decisive when obtaining a wine with special characteristics.

Therefore, if you want to get a wine of the best possible characteristics, the winemaker must carefully monitor the aforementioned factors.

On the other hand, it is known that wine is more important than by food than by gastronomy, since its ingredients are not essential for life. However, it is true that wine facilitates digestion, its acidity (pH: 2,7-3,5) and are similar to those of our stomach. It has also been shown that wine polyphenols, always in moderation, protect us from heart disease.

Finally remember that we have drink to drink wine with food and never fasting. And try to drink wines of few degrees and do not think that the lack of degree indicates a lack of quality.

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