Tomato not rotten

1993/11/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The first genetically modified tomato will appear this fall in American supermarkets. It has been developed by the biotechnology company “Calgene” and called Flavr Savr. Thanks to changes in DNA, this tomato can be preserved for a long time and, according to the president of “Calgene”, is a tasteful tomato.

Calgene tomato. It seems to be like the rest.

This genetic change has cost 25 million dollars and the problem has been the introduction of a gene that blocks the development of polygalacturonidase that occurs naturally, an enzyme that rots after the maturation of the tomato.

In the field of tomato that moves the business of four million dollars, this news has revolutionized all corners. And, after this genetic change, it is intended that the plant can withstand temperatures under zero. To do this, they intend to introduce an anti-ice cream gene removed from an Arctic Ocean fish.

However, before the appearance of the tomato Calgene have already started the responses against and 2,500 restaurants have already announced that they will not serve this type of tomato.

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