STEM domestication

2021/11/16 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

Ed. Pernan Goñi Olalde

Scientific capital has a strong influence on the interest of young people in STEM (see comic book of scientific capital). Family areas of young people (STEM staff at home, STEM activities in the environment, etc.) determines the choice of these studies. Therefore, in the case of adolescents with low scientific capital, it is advisable to promote family practices of STEM:

  • Propose family interviews, create intercultural materials for families (iconographic, translated) … Use PHC methodologies, collect data in families…
  • Raise awareness among families that they influence the future professional of their children.
  • Offer young people the opportunity to show their skills or successes through the STEM to the family so that their parents and/or guardians value and receive care.

In addition, it is important to bring the STEM to adolescents daily:

  • With programs of great personal presence as mentoring in scientific projects, mentoring of researchers, sponsorship, etc.
  • Show the area STEM area: local, nearby professionals, etc.

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