WHO publishes a manifesto for healthy recovery after covid-19

2021/03/15 Galarraga Aiestaran, Ana - Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria


The World Health Organization has published recommendations to overcome covid-19 and have a healthy future, taking into account the environment and people's lives.

In fact, WHO has stated that covid-19 has led to the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, and the world economy will probably suffer the worst recession since the 1930s. But leaving behind the covid-19 is not enough to return to the previous normal. The world cannot accept new disasters of the size COVID-19, neither for the next pandemic, nor for environmental destruction or climate change.

Therefore, WHO has made six recommendations on the promise of government investments to revitalize countries. The first is the care of nature, the source of human health. Remember that natural resources are the basis of the economy: air, water and food. And that people's pressures on the environment not only reduce these resources but increase the risk of disease.

So it says literally: “Global post-COVID-19 recovery plans, and especially future pest risk reduction plans, must go beyond early detection and disease outbreak control. They must also reduce our impact on the environment to reduce risk at source.”

The second recommendation is to invest in essential services, from water and sanitation to clean energy, especially in health centers. For example, for every dollar invested in the US to carry out the clean air law, Americans have earned $30 in air quality and health.

The third is to drive a rapid energy transition. Thus, in addition to complying with the Paris Agreement, citizens would earn in health. The fourth bet on a healthy food system and the fifth focuses on urbanism and makes express reference to the benefit of pedestrian cities.

Finally, the sixth recommendation is to stop financing polluting activities with citizens' taxes. In fact, every year, the population is allocated 400,000 dollars to fossil fuels. According to the WHO, damages caused by polluting fuels, reflected in their price, would halve deaths due to air pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than a quarter and raise revenues equivalent to 4% of global GDP.

According to WHO, the crisis caused by COVID-19 has shown that citizens also protect the most difficult political decisions if the decision-making process is transparent, based on data and evidence, and inclusive, while also having a clear objective: to protect their health, their families and their livelihoods, rather than to help particular interests. For this reason, it is a good time to decide and implement other policies with the support of citizens.

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