Scientists call on European governments to make the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 low

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Taking into account the consequences of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a group of scientists have called on European governments to establish a common strategy to minimize cumulative incidence. The request was published in the magazine The Lancet and a web called containcovid has been created to expand the call and collect more signatures.

As they have explained, covid-19 is having devastating effects in Europe at all levels: health, economy and society. However, European countries have not responded together, with the necessary firmness. Vaccines believe they will help control the virus by the end of 2021, but meanwhile, drastic measures are expected to be taken to minimize infections. In fact, scientific evidence has shown that when cases of infection are very small, in addition to reducing deaths, the economy also improves.

Thus, European countries have requested to work jointly with the objective of: Existence of 10 new or fewer cases of infection per million inhabitants per day. More than one country has reached this incidence at one time or another. By spring, the goal should be for all countries to reach that level.

To achieve this, it has been pointed out the need to take effective measures immediately and coordinated. Once the cases are reduced, at least 300 tests per million inhabitants per day, a narrow follow-up of the positive ones, and a rapid and forceful response to the occurrence of outbreaks to immediately reduce the prevalence.

In addition, they underline the importance of a long-term joint vision and to adequately communicate the benefits of a low incidence to society. For the measures to be successful, citizen collaboration is essential. Thus, they consider that a good communication of the economic and social advantages will facilitate the collaboration of citizens.

He says that in the future it will be easier to control covid-19. The immunization of the population, the carrying out of diagnostic tests and a better understanding of transmission prevention strategies will facilitate this control work.

In this way, they ask European governments to agree as soon as possible common objectives, coordinate their efforts and develop strategies adapted to local circumstances so that the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 is low.

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