10 science shaken news in 2023

2023/12/22 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

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2023 has been a very fruitful scientific year. It is difficult to choose the ten most significant news, but this is the decade that Elhuyar proposes this year:

1.El environment has been the main player in 2023.Seis of the nine frontiers of the planet are already overtaken and two others are overcoming. Elhuyar has published a decalogue of environmental communication to responsibly address the global environmental emergency.

2. Artificial intelligence. This year we have insisted on the magic of artificial intelligence. But he also tells us about the ethics of artificial intelligence as one of the world leaders in this field, Bernhard Schölkopf: “It is essential to debate and reflect on artificial intelligence”.

3.Salud mental juvenil.Los data clearly show that the consumption of anxiolytics has increased in adolescents, especially in women and low-class. Psychotropic drugs, in young people, are a reflection of social unrest.

4th. Missions to the Luna.La Chandrayswick -3 mission of India have made important discoveries on the Moon and we have used it to learn the fascinating history of the Moon.

5. Effects of the contaminationn.Hemos collected data on the air we breathe, indications that the increase in cases of childhood leukaemia in Brazil may be related to pesticides, and warnings from scientists about the dangers of plasticizers in food and drink.

6. Neanderthal surprises vascos.Se have found Neanderthal remains in the San Adrián cave and claim that Neanderthals lived in Lezetxiki until very late.

7. Pyrenean glaciers in sharp decline. The news happens: These are the last days of the glaciers, the Aneto glacier has lost 64.7% of its surface in the last 41 years and scientific evidence has appeared that the impurities of the Lost glacier have accelerated fusion.

8. The rays of hope produced by Alzheimer.El physical exercise slow down the development of Alzheimer’s even in situations of genetic risk. We have used it to analyze aging from the perspective of medical research.

9. Sixth supercomputer in the world in San Sebastián.La the best news that physics left in Euskal Herria is the creation of the Basque Quantum. Scientific director Javier Aizpurua and the new quantum revolution have been some of the protagonists of this year.

10. End of pandemia.La WHO suspended the international public health emergency of COVID-19 in May. But it wasn't the only good news. They clarify this year how the SARS-CoV-2 virus replicates inside cells and discover that permanent COVID-19 may be related to the decrease in serotonin.

Let the year 2024 be as productive as the year ending!

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