Chatbot neuronal knows Basque

2020/05/21 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria


Elhuyar researchers are challenged to communicate in Basque in the short term with chats and have already published their first results.

Chatbots are virtual conversation agents capable of communicating with people in their natural language. The essence of the chat is to understand the written (or said) by the user and perform the operation and respond to the understood. It is currently being used in various areas, such as restaurant reservations, appliance management or banking. These types of chatboats help users process through interaction as a human conversation.

Increased use of chatka boots is expected and areas are expected to expand in the coming years. Therefore, it is possible that in the near future it will become another component of our daily life. Unfortunately, the technology being generated and the research being carried out in the field of chatboats is focused on the main languages and exclude Basque and other minority languages. For this reason, the Elhuyar R&D team launched in 2019 a research line aimed at creating chat technology in Basque.

Elhuyar's R&D team has focused its first research work on creating neural chatbots in Basque (Task oriented chatbots) to fulfill orders, using exclusively training data in the main languages to train this type of chatbots (English and Spanish). The first result of these research papers has just been published after the article was approved at the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference. It can be read in:



The Elhuyar R&D team will continue to make more significant contributions to this challenge that the Basques can communicate in Basque with the numerous txabots from now on.


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