Fossil of a plesiosaurus with brood

2011/08/19 Elhuyar Zientzia

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After 25 years stored in a museum, a paleontologist from the Marshall University of the United States studies a special fossil. It is a fossil of a plesiosaurus, an aquatic dinosaur, especially because the animal was raised when it died, and because its skeleton has also been fossilized. It was known that many other aquatic dinosaurs were bivalves, so plesiosaur has not surprised experts either, but the fetus is larger than expected, with 150 centimeters in length (470 centimeters in the mother's bosom). According to experts, having the species as biblical and breeding so large and unique, it is possible that these aquatic dinosaurs take care of their offspring as do the current whales.

Image courtesy of: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.