Blood tests against colorectal cancer

2012/05/23 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Based on the results of several genetic markers in the blood, a diagnostic kit has been developed to detect colon and rectal cancer.
Diagnostic kit for detection of colon and rectal cancer. Gaiker-IK4

This new diagnostic method is in the process of international patentability and is the result of an investigation developed by the Gaiker-IK4 technology 4 in collaboration with the Intelligent Systems Group of the Faculty of Computer Science of the UPV, the department of Oncology of the Cruces University Hospital and BIOEF.

The new diagnostic test consists of a common blood test that will help detect the disease in its initial stages and reduce the rates of mortality from colon and rectal cancer. In fact, early detection of colon and rectal cancer facilitates its treatment and the likelihood of healing is very high. What happens is that this tumor does not usually produce pain until the disease is very advanced.

Source: Basque Research Basque Research

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