The IPCC recognizes the need to increase female participation

2022/02/11 Galarraga Aiestaran, Ana - Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Ed. IPCC/David Plas

The international climate change research group has carried out an internal analysis to ascertain the economic situation. In fact, there are more and more female references in this area and in 2018 a working group was set up at the IPCC to discuss issues and make recommendations. A survey has now been carried out and the results have shown that, despite taking steps towards parity, women are not up to men at all.

It is noted that in the IPCC the percentage of women has increased: The first IPCC report dates back to 1990, and then it was only 8% women, now one in three. I mean, they're still far from half.

The IPCC itself says it is important to address it. And that is, while the consequences of the climate emergency will affect everyone, the damage will be especially important for women, who are responsible for the care and procurement of food and water in most societies. They also have less access to land, resources and aid. Therefore, it is essential to gather your vision together with local, rural and community caregivers.

On the other hand, in the scientific field too, women are excluded. And the pandemic has made the situation worse. In the area of climate researchers, in the Reuters list of 21 of the thousand most prominent researchers, in the first 50 there were only two women, representing only 12% of the total.

According to the IPCC survey, the six main obstacles encountered by women within the group are lack of time (55 per cent), childcare obligations (33 per cent), lack of confidence in others (32 per cent), problems of access to computers or research materials (31 per cent), lack of financial support from the country of origin (31 per cent) and limited ability to write in English (24 per cent).

In fact, to the gender barrier are added others such as language, ethnicity, culture, religion, age, physical abilities… so the IPCC has expressed its commitment to address the situation and has announced that it will address a strong project to address discrimination and increase diversity.

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