The future is here: the quantum computer

2000/10/01 Waliño, Josu - Elhuyar Fundazioa Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Until very recently we were talking about the quantum computer about the future. But IBM again shows that the future is very close. This company has presented the most advanced quantum computer in the world. The main peculiarity of quantum computers is that, instead of using silicon chips, it uses atoms as processors and memories. To do this, it uses as a base atomic level elements known as "quantum bit" or "qubit", and performs its operations by interaction. With this they have managed to move the famous law of Moore to its limit, which establishes that the circuits will be increasingly reduced until 2020, when they will be atomic and molecular size. On this occasion twenty years have been advanced to theory.

This computer developed by IBM consists of five qubits within a specially developed molecule. Using a computer with this molecule, a normal computer completed in a single step an operation in four cycles. I. Director of the team that has developed the computer. Chuang said: "Quantum computers will soon be able to perform operations that the most developed computers of today would not reach for millions of years." Although this technology is completely new, it is clear that the future of computing will go here.

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