Improving self-efficiency perception in STEM

2021/11/02 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

Ed. Pernan Goñi Olalde

In performing STEM activities it is advisable to promote successful experiences, taking into account personal skills and particular interests. Thus, anyone can contribute (beyond the teacher or the “clearest” of the classroom).

Here are a series of recommendations to overcome these steps:

  • Use cooperative educational methodologies to build their own image and empower young people’s protagonism, instead of being competitive: applications, scientific volunteering, participation in fairs and science workshops…
  • [Decriminalization of error]. Nothing happens if we fail! Create a good environment so that students can speak without fear.
  • Helping to reflect on one's own abilities (metacognition): <<Have you seen <Ikusi duzue zer egiteko gai zareten?> what <Begiratu lehen prototipotik azkenerako aldea!> <Begiratu lehen prototyk azkenerako village!> you are <Mirad la diferencia del primer prototipo al final!> able to do?>>>, <<Look at the difference of the first prototype at the end!>>>
  • To care for the messages that are communicated: to value the process more than the final results, or to value the difficulties, to value the strategies used or to give options for restoration, or to make comments with content and positives (<<lo <lo has <probatu duzu…?> has <probatu duzu…?> tested…?>>, <<like <me gusta <gustuko dut egindakoa…> <gustuko dut egindakoa…> what has been done…>>).

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