Propose a territorial strategy to implement sustainable food systems in the health system

2023/12/18 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Ed. University Hospital Donostia. Donostia Kultura/CC BY S.A.

The RENASCENCE (UPV) project reflects on the challenges needed to develop sustainable food systems in the Basque health system. In fact, they consider public purchasing of food as a fundamental tool to change the current food system paradigm and contribute to the development of sustainable and specific policy objectives.

Thus, they propose to take advantage of the purchasing power of hospitals, prioritizing sustainable local food, to turn the food production model into more resilient and sustainable. In this regard, a working document has just been published, derived from two working sessions held in collaboration with different actors from Osakidetza and the Basque Food System. These working sessions analysed the current situation of sustainable food purchasing in Osakidetza, identifying the challenges and action plans needed for the development of a sustainable food strategy.

The report, entitled “Sustainable Food Purchasing Strategy in the Hospitals of Osakidetza, a seed to promote a sustainable food system in the Basque health system”, includes a total of 13 challenges and 30 action plans. According to the authors, although many may think it is difficult to transition from current practices to sustainable food purchasing practices, evidence shows that change is necessary and that now is the time. In order to drive this change, they present the proposal.

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