Mendel: Introduction to genetics

1985/12/01 Kajarabille, Miren Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The scientist, known by all Gregor Mendel, explained the basic laws of Genetics that died 100 years ago in January 1884. Today, within Biology, it can be said that Genetics is the science that has obtained the most success, and in this field, Mendel's work takes on great importance, as it was the first that described the mechanism of inheritance. Mendel's laws, at the beginning of what would later be Genetics, have been considered a fundamental step, and along with the theory created by Darwin to solve the problem of the origin of species, have been considered as the basis of modern biology. However, in 1866, when Mendel presented the results derived from experiments with peas, he found a clear lack of interest in the scientific community of that time. To understand this attitude, we must also place Mendel within his socio-cultural context and the different tendencies that arose at that time around the problem of inheritance.

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