Teaching staff roles in student leadership

2021/03/10 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

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How should teachers act during project development?

  1. Design and plan: teachers should plan the project from start to finish, giving students the possibility to participate and make decisions in a weighted way.
  2. Alignment with the curriculum: align the project with the curriculum to ensure that basic knowledge and skills of the subject are worked.
  3. Building culture: they must explicitly and implicitly promote the independence and growth of students. Also the group character and the quality of performance.
  4. Management of activities: organizing work and schedules together with students, establishing checkpoints and deadlines, and searching and using resources, creating products and communicating results.
  5. Student learning scaffolds: they must use different teaching tools and strategies to help all students achieve their goals.
  6. Assess student learning: use continuous and final assessments to assess student knowledge, understanding and competencies. In addition, the self-evaluation and peer evaluation will evaluate the group and individual work.
  7. Commitment and advice: to participate in the learning and creation of students. Depending on the need, they must help them develop their competencies and lead them, and while encouraging them, they must celebrate their achievements.

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