Award to Haritz Sardon Muguruza

2021/06/21 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria


Haritz Sardon Muguruza, a Donostian researcher at the POLYMAT-UPV-EHU, has been awarded the prize of the young researcher by various journals and entities. This is the award given by the journals Macromolecules and ACS Macroletters and the Chemical Polymers Section of the American Chemistry Association.

Sardon leads the sustainable polymers research team. In fact, plastics have become essential in our lives, but their use has been wrong for many years: most of the polymers used are very cheap, but therefore not recyclable. Sardon POLYMAT aims to solve this epidemic of plastics that cannot be synthesized or recycled annually.

It focuses on the research of recyclable polymers. Specifically, it investigates the polymerization processes of monomers generated in the recycling of plastics and the synthesis of new polymers. On the other hand, it is also developing reagents from renewable sources and less dangerous organocatalysts than current ones.

Sardon completed his doctorate at UPV and postdoctoral studies at the IBM-Almad Research Center in California. Since 2014 he is back in Donostia as a researcher at POLYMAT and professor at the UPV. At this time he leads the team of 15 researchers. Since then, Sardon has received numerous awards.

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