Genetic editing of embryos is not safe

2023/03/09 Etxebeste Aduriz, Egoitz - Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Ed. OHSU, Oregon Health & Science University

The use of genetic editing to cure diseases in human embryos remains uncertain. This conclusion is clear in a study published in the journal Nature Communitations.

Human embryos edited using the CRISPR technique have been analysed and problems have been identified to ensure correct editing. Because an embryo has few cells, there's little DNA, and to be able to sequence, you have to amplify a lot. They have seen that in the amplification, reliability is lost and that an appropriate diagnosis cannot be guaranteed.

On the other hand, the different incidence of the editing technique has been analyzed and it has been proven that there is a risk of more modifications than those intended to solve the mutation, in other areas of the genome, which could be harmful.

In this regard, it has been stressed that although genetic editing has great potential to address genetic diseases, there are still limitations to be overcome in order to be able to apply them safely and effectively.


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