Elhuyar publishes the calendar “Zientzia emakumeak artour”

2022/01/10 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

Elhuyar published the 2022 calendar “Zientzia emakumeak artour” to make the work of women scientists visible.



Each month, the knowledge and knowledge of women are presented, along with the illustrations of each by the illustrator Izaskun Alberdi Landaluze. Thus, in January, the mathematician Marta Valle Male Stadler, professor and disseminator of science, appeared; in February, the paleocenthographer Naima El bani Altuna, sedimentologist and geologist; in March, the mathematics Mary Winston Jackson, aerospace physics and engineering; in April, the botany Anna Atkins and the first photographer in June

To download the 2022 Elhuyar calendar, click here.

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