Flooded solar system

2000/12/18 Elhuyar Zientzia

The dispute over the presence or not of water on Mars at least a few days ago to Jupiter, as NASA has stated that there may be liquid water on the Ganymede satellite of Jupiter.

In total there are three Jupiter satellites that can contain oceans: Europe, Calisto and Ganímedes. These three satellites have a thick layer of ice on the surface, but it is believed that there is liquid water below. Measurements made on the magnetic field of satellites and minerals detected on the surface of satellites bet on the hypothesis, although they are not conclusive evidence.

However, these tracks could be simple old memories. Dr. Dave Stevenson of the California Institute of Technology believes that "the natural radioactivity of the interior rocks of Ganymede provides enough heat to maintain the layer of liquid water." He pointed out that the absence of water in Ganymede would be surprising, although "what can be expected and what there really is is not the same".

The necessary hypothesis regarding water is presented below. Is there life on the moons of Jupiter? Liquid water and volcanic activity make it possible for organisms to survive in extreme conditions. In the Earth's ocean bottoms, far from the solar rays, if life has developed, something similar could occur in Jupiter's satellites. In order to answer the question it is necessary to
cross the surface ice layer of the satellites, which still cannot be done. Meanwhile, we talk about hypotheses.

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