Playing with DNA

2006/03/20 Rementeria Argote, Nagore - Elhuyar Zientziaren Komunikazioa

The truth is that it looks like a game. DNA is a technique of adaptation to the letter: With a simple string of DNA, the desired two-dimensional image is obtained. Paul Rothemund, of the California Institute of Technology, presented Smiley (smiling face), a snowflake, the map of America etc., all of them made with DNA and a hundred nanometers in size.

This technique has been called origin of DNA with the Japanese name of papiroflexia. The images are made by doubling the DNA chain. To prevent the release of the DNA chain, short chains with staple function are used, specially designed for this purpose.

Precisely these staples are the key to this technique. The first image is designed and the computer determines the number of staples and their chemical structure to complete the image.

The technique is there, why they will use it!