The Elhuyar Foundation puts PumpEus online

2007/10/01 Lopez Viña, Rakel - Marketin sailaElhuyar Fundazioa

The R&D group of the Elhuyar Foundation, in collaboration with the IXA group of the Faculty of Computer Science of the UPV, has put online the CorpoEus service. As a giant corpus in Euskera, CorpoEus allows you to view the Internet. It performs a search by means of the slogan of the word (or words) entered between the pages in Basque of the Internet, showing in its context all the appearances of the word contained in those pages, along with graphs by different data.
The results of the PumpEus system look like this. Search results for the word anorexia in the example.

At the international congress WAC3 (Web as Corpus) held in Louvain-la Neuve (Belgium) on 15 and 16 September, CorpoEus was very welcome. The characteristics of the tool have been very interesting for the rest of the attendees and commented that the methodology used can be useful for other languages.

The copuss are very important in all languages: elaboration of dictionaries, regulation of the own language, help to translations, development of linguistic technologies... In short, the corpus provides us with information about the real uses of words: if one word has been used more than another, how it was usually declined or written, with which words it is combined...

We are online at http://www.corpeus.org. More information on the presentation and help page. In addition, in the July issue of the magazine Elhuyar Zientzia eta Teknika we published an article about CormEus.

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