Computerized farmhouse

1988/12/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Within the activities of the department of agriculture, the agronomist Luis Mari Etxeberria spoke of the importance that the computer can have in the management of the baserritarras.

The traditional thinking of the people, sees the baserritarra as a person dedicated to livestock and grass cutting, but with the passage of time the usual activity has created new services (VAT) and the entry into the life of the baserritarras has made mandatory management.

Also, new situations in agriculture demand increasing effort. For example, genetic improvement in livestock requires huge investments, and in turn food and governance cover much of the farm budget, all controlled by computer.

The computer will be the gun of the future cowboy.

The help of computers can be essential in production. For example, today, to get a liter of milk, baserritarras use 450 grams concentrated, which account for 50% of the total. This external contribution involves entering the free purchase market and it is advisable to know the price of soy in Chicago for its relationship with food and the government of the hamlet.

All this information is essential for future farmhouses. IT allows, for example, to know the price of the raw materials needed to make the feed in the international market. With them it facilitates the determination of the composition to be created and the final price.

Currently, these management tasks are channeled through various services supported by the Government of Gasteiz. These management centers collect a series of data sent by the garbage dumps (feed expense, amount of milk extracted, selling price, etc.) that determine the profitability of the hamlet.

The theme discussed at the conference focused solely on management principles. The space facing both is wide and full of obstacles.

On the one hand, among the baserritarras there is no sensitivity to computers. To correct it, as a first step microcomputers are being introduced as toys (chess, Martians, etc.) to accustom people. In the second step the possibilities of the computer applied to its way of life would be shown.

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