Artemis I, a first step postponed in man's mission to the moon

2022/08/29 Galarraga Aiestaran, Ana - Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

One of the objectives of the Artemis I mission is to test the SLS rocket. Ed. DÁRSENA


Artemis is a project that aims to bring man back to the moon, especially the first woman. NASA has predicted this to be in 2025, the main actor in the mission, but before it had to take other steps. The first is the Artemis I mission, which was to be launched today. But they have had problems and had to be postponed. It will be tried again on 2 September.

Artemis I is an unmanned mission and one of its main objectives is to test the most powerful rocket of NASA, the Space Launch System. The problem with one of the rocket engines is that they have not managed to cool enough. The intermediate stage of the rocket has also been affected by the formation of the frost. Until 2 September they will solve these problems and try them again.

The rocket is a space that leads to the moon. It's called Orion, and it's going to orbit the Moon as fast as it's ever entered any space. Once several orbits have been completed, it returns to Earth. The return to Earth is one of the most difficult operations.

They will be used to test scientific instruments such as cameras and data transmission. Experiments such as the study of the effect of radiation on living beings will also be carried out. To this end, the Orion ship actually carries two trunking mannequins, one with radiation protective clothing and one without protection. NASA wants to ensure that the mission is safe because radiation affects more women than men.

In addition, it will place little satellites around the Moon. Two of them have the mission to make a detailed map of ice and water molecules. In fact, on the craters of the Lunar Poles is ice, and Artemis III, a mission that aims for astronauts to land at the South Pole. NASA has already published a map of appropriate landing areas that, in addition to its proximity to ice, has taken into account aspects such as security, light or connection to Earth.

The construction of a permanent base and an orbiting station on the Moon, the exploitation of its resources and the Mars travel station are also envisaged in the long term.


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