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2004/09/01 Cancio Orueta, Leire - Elhuyarreko zuzendari nagusiaElhuyar Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The Athens Olympics are over and athletes have already taken the road home. Some go more cheerful than others depending on the medals or records they carry in the suitcase. We can also be champions of the Olympics. The Zernola Olympiad is about to begin.
Hall 2B of the San Viator College of Vitoria at the campsite of Bioitza de Urbasa.
L. L. Tiredness and Fatigue

Armix is already on the track, waiting for the exit signal, III. The Zernola Olympiad begins. Between September and June, the classrooms of 1 and 2 of the ESO participants must respond monthly to tests related to science and technology.

Last year 92 classrooms participated. Zernola Olinpiadó enthusiastically and in the general was proclaimed champion the Hall 2B of the San Viator school of Vitoria. Prize: weekend for the whole class at the campsite Bioitza de Urbasa.

Armix Urbasa

Armix, along with the Vitorians, spent the weekend at the campsite of Bioitza de Urbasa. There, in addition to enjoying the wonderful landscapes, they practiced various activities: they passed through the mountain, learned to use the compass to find the treasure and could enter the cave of Laminatitu.

Everyone enjoyed the weekend, and the students of San Viator promised that this course would try again hard.

In addition, III. The Zernola Olympiad will have several new features. Among others, you will be able to see photos of the participating classrooms and you will be able to meet the attendees in the forum of the Olympics. In addition, during the month of September, the portal will launch with enthusiasm the course.

It is waiting for our visit. There we will find articles and consultation material, games, postcards to send to friends, space to publish the contents you have sent, III. Zernola Olympiad, dialogue forums, etc. Come in and see...

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