UV waves and new podcasts from Subai, Elhuyar

2022/11/17 Elhuyar Zientzia


Elhuyar recently published two podcasts: Ultraviolet waves, feminist podcast scientist, and Subai, on food.

Ultraviolet waves will be emitted every two weeks, first from EITB podkast, and then in the podcasts section of the Eus science portal and in the most common customs platforms. Elhuyar's science directors and commentators, Alaitz Ochoa of Eribe Agirre and Ana Galarraga Aiestaran, use ultraviolet waves to analyze the most interesting topics in the world of science and technology. In fact, through ultraviolet waves invisible objects come to the surface with visible light.

In the first episode of the podcast it has focused on the use of artificial intelligence, on a ground as pure as art. In addition, it intends to review technological news, clarify some myths and invite the public to discover what causes the mysterious sound.

Through the podcast Subai, Elhuyar's developer, Guillermo Roa Zubia, will immerse himself in the world of food. The value chain of food from the ground, from the sea or from any origin to our plate is analysed from different points of view each week.

In the first chapter, Roa was assisted by Elika Director Arantza Madariaga Aberasturi. You will know the reality of food waste in the Basque Autonomous Community, among others.

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