Attitude to STEAM

2020/11/26 Elhuyar Zientzia

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The attitude of the boy, girl or teenager to STEAM is influenced by factors of:schools, families and societies. The interests, objectives, personality, capacity and self-efficacy of the student will depend on them.

As for the school environment, if the center offers a STEM experience or STEM orientation, young people will develop a more positive attitude. On the other hand, the perception of teachers regarding students and the suitability to carry out the evaluations will also have to do. Above all, it will be important for young people to see school as a positive activity.

As for the family, studies show that the attitude of household members towards STEAM has a great influence on the young man. So, for example, participating in STEAM actions with parents or siblings will help improve the STEAM attitude. In addition, the presence of STEM professionals at home or in the nearest environment, and therefore the proximity of models, will increase the chances of future choice of STEM studies.

Finally, in the society in which the young person lives, the fact that the work activity is linked to STEM or that local agents organize STEM actions will strengthen the young person's positive attitude towards STEAM.

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