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"Without mental health there is no health"

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Ed. Leire Pinedo Rodríguez

Leire Pinedo Rodríguez is a resident of clinical psychology, although he did not intend to do so in childhood and youth, and so clearly says: "I didn't have much interest in clinical psychology." He studied psychology in Salamanca, where he lived and had a master's degree. Then he got a job in Madrid, where he stayed for four years.

"That work didn't fully meet me and the conditions were not very good either. Looking for greater stability and because I wanted to live in a quieter city, I decided to prepare the PAC (Resident Internal Psychologist). It is a four-year training, which is essential to work in the public sphere and is carried out in a public hospital. We have many practices and other professionals supervise our work," he explained.

He is comfortable, but recognizes that the situation they live is a little "disappointing", because more and more people need psychological help and resources are scarce: More investment needed. Who can go private, but not everyone can."

For a few days it becomes very hard and doubts whether it has taken the right path. And the road that has come has not been without any difficulty. According to him, when he was a little boy, he was good at math and physics, and he thought he would keep going. However, at the end of his studies at the institute, he had a time of crisis that led him to take another path. He started studying psychology, and he liked education and research, but he hasn't had the opportunity to continue.

However, the most difficult thing has been to get into PAD, as there are very few places and there are many people out there, even if they are well prepared. In addition, they say that family and friends do not realize how difficult it is and, as always has been a good student, they take it for granted. "I was encouraged for the best purposes, but the pressure was very great."

And now it continues to face difficulties: "In this work the results are not seen in the short term and there is no single way. But at the same time, it satisfies me and gives me strength to keep learning and analyze what I do right and what I have to improve."

Protection and self-care

Besides the support of his friends and family, he perceives that of his peers, something that helps him every day. "Protection and self-care are two things: rest, disconnect at the end of work, feed other hobbies... Work is a big part of my life, but not the only one. I also have to take care of my relationship with myself: I don't have to perfect everything or learn everything at once."

He believes in the work he does because it matches his values. In addition, he found it very enriching: "Trusting you is very special and very stimulating, because every person is unique. So our work is very creative. Psychology is a science, and there are the same principles for everyone, but that's my contribution as a psychologist: knowing that principle and helping that person get better known and better recognized."

In addition to his work in the hospital, he also works in network. In fact, many people follow their tweets on Twitter. In fact, the Basque began working in times of confinement and has gathered followers who have become friends.

Both on Twitter and outside, it calls for the strengthening of public mental health services, which it considers necessary. "Mental health is now more important than before, but it is not reflected in the decisions of the authorities. And without mental health there is no health."

Leire Pinedo Rodríguez
He was born in Bilbao in 1990. Graduated in Psychology from the University of Salamanca. Currently, the second year of Specialized Health Education (RIP) is being developed in Osakidetza to obtain the title of Specialist in Clinical Psychologist.

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