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2002/06/20 Arana, Irune - Marketin sailaElhuyar Fundazioa

Elhuyar presents you with Pirates 2 CD-ROM in the world of mathematics. It is part of a series of six CD-ROMs.

This is a series of six CD-ROMs, called Mathematically. All of them are aimed at Primary youth. Three CD-ROMs are used to work mathematics and three to work Basque. The first and third of mathematics are on the street; last year they were published in the world of mathematics 1 (5-8 years) and in the world of language 3 (10-12 years).

This time, Elhuyar presents you with Pirates 2 CD-ROM in the world of mathematics. But our intention is to move forward. So, by the end of the year, you can enjoy 1 and 2 streets in the world of language and at the beginning of next year we will complete the section with 3 CD-ROMs in the world of mathematics.

Piratekin in the world of mathematics 2

This new CD-ROM consists of five games in which the child will live different situations with the help of pirates:

  • To avoid this, you must perform a series of mathematical operations.
  • Or to buy in an Arab market, you have to differentiate and order several magnitudes.
  • The ship with which he travels in play will be attacked and must be protected by mathematical operations from the cannons thrown by the other ships.
  • To cross the ravine located in the jungle, you must build a bridge, for which the woods will be cut correctly and fractions will be used.
  • You can also work geometry if you want to flee the labyrinth.

This CD-ROM is prepared to be used by children who take the second primary cycle, that is, for children between 8 and 10 years old, and has a didactic guide for teachers and parents.

In all games there will be three levels of difficulty. Depending on the degree of difficulty, the mathematical operations to be performed will be complicated in some cases or the type of exercise will vary in others.

The user will have, whenever necessary, a specific calculator and the help offered by the computer itself. Structurally, in the world of mathematics with the Pirates, it consists of five games II, each of which is represented by an icon:

The corsairs in the struggle

The corsairs want to throw the pirate ship in the background. It is in your hands to avoid that! To do this, an operation will appear on the screen and you must select the correct result on the cannons that launch you. If you do it right, the cannon bullet will go against the corsairs, but if you do it wrong it will directly hit the pirate. Aim well!

In the market

You have gone to the market to buy things, but merchants confuse you. First, you must select from all three positions the answer to the question that appears. Each trader will teach you different tools, but you will only have to select the question in each question. Then, you will have to put the merchants in the cart according to the order requested. Do you dare to buy?

Construction of the bridge

You want to pass from one side to the other of the trench, but for this you need a bridge. The trunks will help you build the bridge and cut the logs you need. If you select the right logs and cut them through the place they need, you will be able to build the bridge gradually, in this way you will get to pass to the other side of the trench. Courage!


What has he done to the captain to get so angry? You want to throw sharks and sailors don't care much. But if you select the correct result of the operations that will appear on the container, you can return to the container. Better to succeed!

Lost in the labyrinth

To escape the castle, you will first have to cross the labyrinth. But that's not that easy! To move from one pirate to another, you must use the arrows you have on the screen and in order to cross the labyrinth you must pass crocodiles, snakes, monsters, etc. Upon reaching each of them, you will need to answer a question. If you respond correctly, you can go ahead, otherwise you cannot pass it. Watch out without getting lost on the road!

Two CD-ROMs with pirates in the world of mathematics are products produced by Elhuyar. In addition, in the Elhuyar e-shop you will find other multimedia products for adults and children.

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