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Maite Goñi Eizmendi: “Trust in no one produces a positive effect”

2022/06/01 Galarraga Aiestaran, Ana - Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Elhuyar's interviewer was recently received by Maite Goñi Eizmendi (Ordizia, 1967) as Director of Audio and Digital at EITB. It has therefore taken time to answer the questions. However, it has not been able to say no or postpone, and it is what largely defines the personality and trajectory of this professional. It has always been a pioneer and has tended to accept all the challenges that have been posed to it. He has been a professor at the Ikastola Jakintza and at Mondragon Unibertsitatea, one of the first members of the Basque blogosphere, creator of the euskalsaber .eus project to work the Basque, member of the Basque Advisory Council, a referent in the teaching of digital skills, author of the podcast for 10 minutes, collaborator in various media and continues to address new challenges.
Ed. Oier Aranzabal
Information and communication technologies expert
What has surprised you most, altered or surprised since you started working?

I do not know if he surprised me, scared me, astonished me, surprised me … but he has touched me to have him in different places in my professional career, and above all he has drawn my attention to the people’s sphere. Interpersonal relationships, interactions, and how it can mark a path for good or for evil. I will try to explain.

Although I'm currently in another professional setting, I've spent over 30 years teaching. Well, in my early years, when I started teaching, I realized that the students' expectations were met. That is, when I had high hopes for the students, the students got better results than when the hope was small. I then learned that this is called the Pigmalion effect, that high hopes provoke a positive effect on Pigmalion and a lack of confidence in the students, a negative effect on Pigmalion.

Beyond this example, the awareness that this type of practice can cause a change in the situation, in the journey, in the future or in the well-being of someone was an important milestone in my professional activity, even in my life.

Some conclusions are drawn from this. On the one hand, the importance of educators, which I do not know if society is so internalized and provides sufficient resources, and on the other, on a personal level, the importance of continuing training and updating.

What would you like to witness the revolution or the discovery?

Tim Ber?Lee World Wide Web (WWW) or since its inception it has been nearly 33 years. Only 33! So close and so far away! It should be remembered that the initial objective was to make available to all people an open platform that would allow the exchange of information from anywhere, collaboration, variety of options ... In other words, making available to me a platform that would lead to overcoming geographical and cultural boundaries. Certainly one of the great changes in human history.

In many ways, the Web has achieved and continues to achieve this goal, but in recent years it has been used to drive other goals, projects and behaviors. There are, with our data, the business model of big tech companies; the market projects linked to artificial intelligence; the facenews; the less transparent political advertising; the anxiety that social media can generate in adolescents; the secret algorithms… The risks are many and it is important to look at emerging trends.

Well, if it is not possible to go back to those initial purposes, I would ask, at least, to increase the digital competence and criticality of the citizens, to end the digital divide and to end the malicious and unethical practices mentioned above. I would like to witness this in the near future.

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