Professional Training Stage

1995/01/01 Mujika, Iñaki Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

We are hearing the word reform more than ever. In most areas we are doing or thinking, looking to innovate and update. This is also true if we want to move forward. And in Education, and especially in Vocational Training, what?

Great bet!

On the one hand S.A.P.L. With the application of ESO, we knew it as General Education. and PERI will disappear as the current L.H.1 and L.H.2 will disappear. Instead, a single basic training system is configured, with general training and basic vocational training in a single training system, and a single specific vocational training system, the previous specific vocational training – regulated – and the current F.P. not watered, picking up.

All of them constitute an integrated system of General and Professional Training.

In this way, the current Institutes of Baccalaureate and the Professional Schools will disappear, all of them being designated as Institutes of different nature.

Therefore, these centers must offer Compulsory Secondary Education (12-16 years) and not compulsory.

The specialties so far will disappear and the High School Institutes will have to go towards Vocational Training and Vocational Training towards general training. All of them will form a network of secondary schools with a double objective of training for university studies and short-term professional solutions.

Another vision that we should not lose is the student body.

The decline of students in the ESO is reaching the Middle Ages due to the birth rate, and we will have to see if the supply of all these centers is equated with the demand and demand of society.

This can break the system that has kept us so far and, through an analysis of our environment, leads us to offer the necessary, serious and quality offer, leading to this solidarity the best of our own identity.

Fears will always be, even, opposing interests, but in the end the Educational Administration, Institutes and Professional Schools must offer the offer that society needs and demands, putting the necessary means for it, solving problems and always having as main objective quality education.

I think it is more than ever time for professional training.

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