Scientific Culture 2. At the festival we go to the stars!

2014/04/28 Elhuyar Zientzia

We heat the engines well and four, three, two, one… Come on! Underway #Scholarly Culture 2. Festival! The #KZJaia2 rocket heads towards the stars!

After tasting the sweet chocolate of the 1st festival, we have the desire to travel. Of course, this trip will be special and, as in most good trips, the important thing will be what we will learn along the way. Participants in this Scientific Culture festival will travel through articles, posts, messages, videos, audio, photos, etc., intertwined with stars and constellations.


In fact, in this festival you will have the opportunity to become a star of scientific culture. Each of the contributions made at the Festival will be offered the brightest stars and constellations along the way. For this we will use the names given by Euskaltzaindia for the stars in a science and Basque festival. So, by the way, we will know some astronomy, probably one of the most unknown parts of toponymy.

The trip is open to all interested. You can consult the bases to participate in the festival here.

Finally, we remind you of the ways to get your contributions:

- Email: kzjaia@gmail.com- Twitter: Send the user @zientzianet the link of your entry with the hashtag #KZJaia2 - Facebook: Culture Scientific Publishing the festival in the public group

Without more, we want to invite everyone to participate in the festival and spread their contributions on social networks. How many stars and constellations will we arrive? Far away, for sure!


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