The motto of sustainability at the four winds in Bizkaia

2007/11/01 Kortabitarte Egiguren, Irati - Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Sustainable development is really a widely used word. On radio, television and newspapers we have heard or read on eleven occasions news related to this concept, such as the Rio Summit fifteen years ago. However, do not think that the concept itself has become obsolete. It remains moderate and proof of this is the project that has just launched the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. Somehow he wants to show the citizens the details of this concept.
The motto of sustainability at the four winds in Bizkaia
01/11/2007 | Kortabitarte Egiguren, Irati | Elhuyar Zientzia Komunikazioa
(Photo: Provincial Council of Bizkaia)

What does that concept of sustainable development mean or what does it mean so often? The best-known definition of sustainable development was given by the Brundtland report in 1987. According to this definition, sustainable development is "the one that meets current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet needs." The same report requested that environmental protection, social development and economic growth be considered a unique issue.

But it is not an easy concept to internalize, as development and sustainability seem to be counterposed terms in current life. We consider development as synonymous with growth, and the goal of the economy is unlimited growth. However, growth needs natural resources, which are limited.

In short, development is related to the improvement of the quality of life, but with the least deterioration of natural resources.

Growing yes, but educating

To build a sustainable future, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, as mentioned above, wants to educate citizens about sustainable development. Who knows the municipality better than the citizens? Nobody is clear. Hence the importance of taking into account your opinion, both to make a diagnosis of the situation of the municipality and to select the actions to perform.

Seeing Bizkaia 21 only from an environmental point of view is quite complicated.
Provincial Council of Bizkaia

In this sense, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia has developed the guide “Program of Actions of Education for Sustainability (PAES)” to spread the culture of sustainability in the Biscayan society. It is related to the commitment of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia to sustainable development for a long time. This commitment is included in the Bizkaia 21 program. On the one hand, the development of Bizkaia and, on the other, the compatibility of the three pillars of sustainable development – economic well-being, social justice and the clean and healthy environment.

This document aims to make known the progress made in environmental education and implement new actions towards sustainability.

The document consists of two sections. The first part, of an eminently theoretical nature, develops the general context, the starting lines for education in sustainability, the objectives they pursue and the instruments and means to achieve them. It also includes the proposals and recommendations that have been made at different international conferences on this topic.

The second part is eminently practical. In this part, an assessment and diagnosis of the work carried out to date on environmental education in Bizkaia has been made. At the same time, 9 lines of action and 48 actions of different kinds have been proposed, both new and old.

Citizen participation is essential to a more sustainable world.
Provincial Council of Bizkaia

The proposed lines of action are the improvement of communication and information channels with society, the improvement of the network of facilities for access to education in sustainable development and access to all sectors of the population, the intervention and training in sustainable development within the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, the deepening of the topics to be addressed, the incorporation of new media and tools of information and communication, the promotion of other training activities,

All these actions aim to overcome the gaps and errors detected in the environmental education programs carried out to date in the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. In short, it is about citizens having training and capacity to intervene in the transition process towards sustainable development. In fact, although in general citizenship awareness is growing, it can be said that there is still much to be done.

Kortabitarte Egiguren, Irati

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