The origin of marine waters

1987/06/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Every day the Earth is bombarded with an endless number of comets that become water when in contact with the atmosphere. According to Louis Frank of the University of Iowa, these kites raise the sea level every year in a quarter of a millimeter. If we take into account the life of the Earth, comets have brought enough water to fill the oceans.

Frank is a prestigious astronomer who, for example, has had more tools than anyone on his space trips through the United States. The idea is surprising, but more surprising is that you can't pull scientifically down.

If your theory is true, the ideas about the history and evolution of the Earth must totally change. This means that the oceans have gradually been formed and not suddenly, as many believe. In addition, if areas of large frozen kites remained in contact with the atmosphere, they could introduce carbon and carbon compounds on Earth. And life?

Frank has been reflecting on this new theory for years and believes that the time has come to look for comets. Optical telescopes should be programmed with very sensitive light detectors for search. The kites would be like snowballs when they reach the atmosphere.

According to those who criticize Frank, these comets should have been detected already. Frank, however, ensures that they have never been found.

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