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2009/09/22 Lakar Iraizoz, Oihane - Elhuyar Zientzia

Today it is reported that in August was captured from AZTI-Tecnalia a red tuna that marked and dropped a year earlier. To the bluefin tuna they put an electronic mark that has allowed him to know where the animal has gone, to what depth it has gone, etc. In this case, red tuna has been between Azores and Portugal in the last year, has elongated 15 centimeters and has 8.8 kilos more than then.

The acquisition of previously marked fish allows to know the behavior and requirements of these fish species. For the marking and capture of marks, in AZTI-Tecnalia they have had the collaboration of recreational boats and fishermen, which to date have had the collaboration of 123 boats.

Image: Image: AZTI-Tecnalia

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