IBM Desktop Laser Printer

1990/05/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

IBM 4019 Athletic Club

IBM announces printer. This printer has been designed with office and management professionals in mind. This has taken into account speed, adaptability, consistency and quality.

IBM 4019 Athletic Club

The printer can print up to 10 sheets of text per minute and high quality graphics. Therefore, we can say that it is appropriate to correctly present letters, envelopes, electronic sheets and self-editing works.

Comparing on the market with printers of similar characteristics, it has reduced the number of parts by half (less than 400), is 25% faster, offers more variety of fonts, takes up less space and is lighter.

IBM 4019 Athletic Club

The printer offers a resolution of 300 points per inch and different printing and document interfiling options. It also allows the manipulation of the paper, such as the possibility of automatically printing in sequence and interspersing the letter with several sheets and the corresponding envelope. It can also be used as a plotter.

The printer is supplied with 10 sets of characters. There are also 47 cards to choose from. Each has 26 font styles and 12-character packages that can be loaded from a personal computer.

Emulating the following printers: Personal Printer Data Stream (PPDS) from IBM, Hewlett-Packard Jet II. for the IBM or Hewlett-Packard Printer Command Language (PCL) and Graphics Language (GL) series.

This laser printer can be connected to IBM mid-level and high-level office systems or personal computers. It works with the DOS operating system (from version 2.1) and with the standard or extension OS/2 (from version 1.1). The price of the IBM 4019 Printer is 392,000 pts.

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