Hypothermia or apparent death

1991/03/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Risks derived from snow jumps: lower body temperature below 35 C. Under 27C coma is created and under 24C apparent death.

Remembering the risks that can be derived from snow jumps in winter is not useless. One of these risks is hypothermia, that is, lower body temperature below 35 premises.

Under 27C a coma is created and under 24C an apparent death occurs, that is, the heart is stopped and the breath is interrupted.

J.M. Iturralde

If we approach a piece of glass to the mouth of the injured, the steam will not be observed.

But beware, death is nothing more than apparent. French doctor Lacroute explained in a specialized magazine that the situation of the body mentioned above can be very misleading. The symptoms of a person with a large hypothermia are that of the deceased, but an apparent death can turn to life and, in addition, can leave the hospital without negative consequences.

When cold is very intense, cold protects the brain, even if there is no circulation of oxygen or blood. Therefore, these people must be encouraged and, while nothing else is seen, they are considered to be in apparent death. In no case will recovery sessions be held at the place of the accident. We must always transfer the injured to the hospital. It must be heated gradually and gradually. If not, he can truly die.

After his reading, San Bernardo questions whether the role of the famous is beneficial or not. There are those who say that the speed of intervention of these dogs may not save people and kill them.

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