15th anniversary of Gaiker

2000/06/06 Roa Zubia, Guillermo - Elhuyar Zientzia

Tomorrow will be a special event in the technology park of Zamudio, within the celebrations of the anniversary of the foundation

This year a total of five events were organized on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Gaiker technology center. The largest of them will take place tomorrow in Gaiker's auditorium. At the event, Josu Jon Imaz and Joseba Jauregizar will offer an overview of industrial policy and the science, technology and innovation plan presented by the Government for the period 2001-2004.

For fifteen years Gaiker has worked on the incorporation of technology and innovation in companies. In the list of clients there are more than a thousand companies. The Foundation's offer is broad. It offers research and technological development (R&D), technical assistance, analysis and testing, training and technological advice. The centre works on plastics and composites, environment, recycling and biotechnology. For example, he does research on soil and waste technology and industrial waters.

Looking at Europe

Gaiker not only works in Euskal Herria. It is related to European companies, research centres and prestigious universities. In fact, the company has participated in 36 local projects (R&D) and in different decision-making forums. Over the next few years, Gaiker's goal is to consolidate current growth and maintain its uniqueness. To do this, they will implement the next four-year strategic plan. This plan is in the definition phase.

Gaiker is fully integrated into the network of technology centres in the Basque Country. It is based in the Zamudio technology park. It carries out strategic direction and objective management to meet the objectives. He has developed projects in collaboration with other research centers and universities.

In Euskal Herria is not the only Gaiker technology centre. The growth of these centers has been spectacular in recent years. The technology centres created the Association of Basque Technological Centres (EITE). It aims to protect the interests of its members and turn technology into the support of industrial development. EITE consists of eight technology centres: CEIT, Labein, Gaiker, LEIA, Ikerlan, Robotiker, Inasmet and Tekniker.

The EITE presidency is assumed by those responsible for these centers in a rotating manner. In fact, the current one is Iñaki Letona, CEO of Gaiker. The role of Basque technology centres is very clear. "It is the only association of EITE centres in the technological network of the Basque Country", says Letona. The main objective is to present technology as a tool to promote industrial competition. "The main activity of our companies is research and development projects, but we offer technical support, approval and accreditation services, training courses and activities to disseminate technological culture in society and in industry that foster innovation in companies".

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