Elhuyar Oinarrizko Hiztegia, second edition in the street

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The second edition of Elhuyar Oinarrizko Hiztegia is already in the street and the online version of Elhuyar Hiztegia is also available for consultation. Thus, the Elhuyar Foundation has updated all dictionaries of the Basque/Castilian/Castilian/Basque family and made them available in all formats, taking into account the needs of all users.
Elhuyar Oinarrizko Hiztegia, second edition in the street
01/02/2008 | Lopez Viña, Rakel | Marketing Department/Elhuyar Fundazioa
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The Elhuyar Basic Dictionary includes 36,000 entries, 48,000 acceptances and 3,500 examples, edited jointly by Elkar and the Elhuyar Foundation. The Basic Dictionary is the smallest of the Euskara-Castilian/Castilian-Basque range and can be classified as a pocket dictionary.

The on-line version of the Elhuyar Dictionary - the largest dictionary of this family - is now available at www.elhuyar.org/hiztegia. Thus, the Elhuyar Foundation has presented all the updated dictionaries of the Euskara-Castilian/Castilian-Basque range: last June it published the third edition of Elhuyar Hiztegi Txikia and in November 2006 the third edition of Elhuyar Hiztegia, in book format and CD-ROM. The Elhuyar Foundation, with these latest publications, has wanted to adapt to the needs of users.

Elhuyar Fundazioa and lexicography

One of the objectives of the Elhuyar Foundation is to create and offer resources, tools and linguistic services for the development and normalization of Basque. True to this goal, he has spent years working on the elaboration of dictionaries and creating an ever-growing range of dictionaries. In order to maintain the consistency of all dictionaries published by the Elhuyar Foundation, a few years ago it created a database. All dictionaries published are based on the same database. The Elhuyar Foundation has published to date monolingual, bilingual and technical dictionaries; among them, Elhuyar dictionary/hiztegia, Dictionnaire Elhuyar hiztegia, Euskal Hiztegi Moderno, Ikasleen Hiztegia, Elhuyar Sinonimoen Kutziar, Energy Hiztegi enthuziar

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