The Elhuyar Foundation at the 2008 LREC Congress

2008/06/01 Aztiria Urtaran, Josu - Adimen Artifiziala Hizkuntzan Unitateko koordinatzailea Elhuyar Fundazioa Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The R&D&i team of the Elhuyar Foundation participated in the LREC 2008 congress on language technologies in Marrakech. We have learned about the latest trends in language technologies and have made Elhuyar's latest R&D&i research projects internationally known.
The Elhuyar Foundation at the 2008 LREC Congress
01/06/2008 | Aztiria Urtaran, Josu | Elhuyar Hizkuntza Zerbitzuak
On the left, Igor Leturia, Josu Aztiria, Xabier Saralegi, Maialen Lopez de Lacalle, Antton Gurrutxaga, Eli Pociello and Iñaki San Vicente.
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The LREC (Language Resources and Evaluation Congress) is one of the main congresses for research and evaluation of language technologies. This year's edition took place in Marrakech from 26 May to 1 June.

The LREC congress is an ideal forum for research projects in the field of language technologies, to become aware of the main trends and to publicize the results of R&D&i activities. For the research groups that we are working on it it is very important to be present, and the presence of the R&D team of the Elhuyar Foundation in this edition has been very important.

The Elhuyar Foundation has presented two research projects at the 2008 LREC General Congress. On the one hand, Eli Pociello presented the WNTERM project. WNTERM is a project for the development of a multilingual Sunday ontology of science and technology (in Basque and English), and we are using the EusWordNet resources of the IXA group and the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Science and Technology of the Elhuyar Foundation to create a knowledge base. On the other hand, Igor Leturia has released the study carried out at the congress to further improve the effectiveness of the Corpeus.elhuyar.org and Elebila tools ( www.elebila.eu).


In addition to the National Congress, various workshops, practical workshops in specific research areas have been held. In one of them, in the Building and Using Comparable Corpora workshop, Xabier Saralegi and Iñaki San Vicente have unveiled the research work and experiments we are carrying out to develop techniques for extracting bilingual terminology from comparable corpus.

Igor Leturia and Iñaki San Vicente have made a new presentation in the Web As Corpus workshop. In fact, we have in place a research project for the automatic creation of specialized corpus from the Internet and have presented the results of the project to date.

The LREC 2008 congress has allowed us to publicize the results of our work internationally.

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Aztiria Urtaran, Josu
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