Hekimen calls for aid from the Basque Government to deal with the consequences of covid-19 to be extended to other media in Basque

2021/11/24 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The Basque Government has allocated EUR 5 million to support the media. For the Basque country, however, only 6.6%. Elhuyar regrets this attitude and joins Hekimen's request to disseminate it to all media in Basque. Scientific dissemination in Euskera and the journal Elhuyar also need help.
Ed. Hekimen

As the note published by the Media Association in Euskera Hekimen indicates, the consequences of the pandemic caused by covid-19 are being harsh in the media and, of course, in the case of the Basque media. The study conducted at the beginning of the pandemic showed, among other things, that we are experiencing a significant decline in advertising or a reduction in subscriptions. In addition, there are other consequences that the pandemic is causing indirectly (increasing the cost of paper, electricity or fuels). As revenues decrease, expenditures increase, making media survival very difficult. That is the situation of the media, but of everyone, not just some. Consequently, it is not understood that the government allocates this aid only to certain media. Moreover, when in its day, together with the results of the study, we ask for measures to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic on the Basque media.

Moreover, it is not understood that the Basque media receive only 6.6% in this distribution. To the extent that the work of the media in the Basque country is essential from the standardisation point of the Basque country, they cannot be left without protection against the consequences of covid-19, without entering. This would be tantamount to placing the vaccine against covid-19 on only selected ones. The exclusion of general journals, local media, specialists, local television, etc. is incomprehensible. What kind of country does the Basque Government think when it distributes money in this way? What do you think about the media ecosystem?

Pandemic has hit hard all the media, but the projects most affected are the small ones, who have the most difficulty accessing other revenues (advertising, institutional advertising, special subsidies...). The situation is critical for many media and the survival of several projects is at stake. As with vaccines, the priority should be the most obsolete. Why only help the larger ones based on scope data? What communication ecosystem does the Basque Government intend?

The media in Euskera have made a special effort during the pandemic, not only to maintain the capacity for information, but to strengthen that capacity. A special effort to ensure that each person responds to the extent required by the pandemic in their field. And the people have thanked this effort. It is only to see how digital media consumption in the Basque country has increased during the pandemic. If this type of one-off aid or innovation-related investment does not take into account the media in the Basque country, it will be difficult to make progress.

For all these reasons, since the Hekimen Association, we have asked the Basque Government to extend this aid to the rest of the media in Euskera with a view to alleviating the damage caused by covid-19.

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