First study on the brain capacity of bertsolaris in BCBL

2012/01/26 Galarraga Aiestaran, Ana - Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Andoni Egaña at BCBL conducting tests. Ed. BCBL

Today we have presented the study that is being carried out in the BCBL to analyze the brain activity of bertsolaris. In the presentation, in addition to the main representatives of the two research driving centres (BCBL and Bertsozale Elkartea), two of the main protagonists of the research were: Bertsolari Andoni Egaña and neuroscientist Kepa Paz-Alonso. They have given the details of the investigation.

As they have explained, the aim of the research is to see what mechanisms bertsolaris use to create bertsos and compare them with those who are not to know if they have something special.

And, among other characteristics, it is clear that, with training and practice, bertsolaris have more ability than other people to make lists of rhyming words. To explain it, a hypothesis is that they keep words in a special way in memory, or they may even bring them in a more effective way when they need them. They hope to demonstrate this type of hypothesis through research.

To do this, they will analyze not only bertsolaris, but also people who are not related to bertso, as well as students from bertsolaris schools. At the moment the tests are being completed with the bertsolaris group and it has been anticipated that the first results will be at the end of the year. Before, however, the other two groups must perform these tests.

These are three tests. The first has been done on the computer: in a software designed specifically, the main cognitive functions have been measured, such as reasoning, attention... The other two have been performed using nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. In one of them they have performed phonological, semantic and rimal exercises, and in the other, they have worked in coplas and zortziko txikia, giving the subject.

Waiting for the final results, in the April issue of the magazine Elhuyar Zientzia eta Teknologia some brushstrokes of the research will be explained.

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