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1990/12/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Although in the world of self-publishing Macintosh computers show remarkable advantages, when it comes to acquiring a personal computer it seems that until now IBM PCs have been used, due to the price difference between these and Macintosh.

Aware of the weight that personal computers are acquiring, Apple comes with a new offer and this time with really surprising prices. It presents three models: Macintosh Classic is the simplest and can be achieved by 99.000 pts., to work with colors Macintosh LC and a cheaper computer of the family Macintosh II, Macintosh IIsi.

Macintosh Classic has two possible configurations:

  • 1 Mb RAM and 1 Mb drive
  • 2 Mb RAM, 1 disk drive 1.4 Mb and 40 Mb hard drive.

The most innovative model can be Macintosh LC, with a 60% decrease compared to previous color equipment. It combines text and color graphics, allows for sound input and is compatible with the Apple II family. Classic has double speed and 2 Mb RAM (expandable up to 10 Mb) with a 1.4 Mb drive and a 40 Mb hard drive.

This model will be available by February next year and 235,000 sts. Valid.

The largest of the three is on Mac IIsi, similar to Mac IIcx. It can work with 256 colors or gray and allows sound input. Its speed is 20Mhz and three configurations are offered:

  • 2 Mb RAM and 40 Mb hard drive
  • 5Mb RAM and 40Mb hard drive
  • 5Mb RAM and 80Mb hard drive

These three configurations include a 1.4 Mb disk drive.

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