The CAF-Elhuyar Awards are underway

2020/10/07 Elhuyar Zientzia

The new edition of the CAF-Elhuyar awards begins. Prize that aims to recognize and promote the integration of science and technology in Basque.



Knowledge is the theme of this year, and as every year, the categories of work that can be presented are:

  • Original divulgation articles. It is divided into two subcategories: general dissemination articles and dissemination articles based on the author's doctoral thesis. The winners of these subcategories will receive a prize of 2,000 euros, an annual subscription to Elhuyar magazine and a sculpture by Imanol Andonegi Mendizabal.
  • Works of scientific journalism. 2,000 euros, one year subscription and sculpture for Elhuyar magazine.
  • Scholarships of creation in Science Society. In this category, projects that work on the interaction between science/technology and society are supported. The authors of the selected projects will receive a grant of 5.000 euros for their execution, as well as a sculpture.


With the novelty that in this edition will be granted two scholarships of creation. Below are some examples of award-winning creation scholarships in previous years:



In addition, as has been done in recent years, once again, the NEIKER special prize will be awarded to the best article related to the primary sector, endowed with 2,000 euros and compatible with other awards.

The work may be submitted until 12 February 2021 in the following address:


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