Are black holes tunnels?

1992/03/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The idea embodied in the title of this section has been exposed in movies and science fiction stories. In a story called "Alice in the Wonderful People," among other things, Alice fell into a black hole and appeared in the condensed world. Now it seems that this idea is not so fictional.

Black holes have always been considered cosmic wells. At the bottom of these wells it has been considered that there was a star compressed to the infinity of its mass, but, according to the new theories that now exist to the pil-pil, the matter absorbed by the black hole does not condense to infinity and, moreover, can form white sources.

In an article written by physicist Amos Ori in the journal "Nature" he stated that the matter contained in black holes is not condensed to infinity and in order to define the general state of the holes four parameters are needed: the mass of the black hole, its electric charge, its angular momentum and that corresponding to the magnetic monopoles (the latter, if any).

Other physicists, working on the parameters mentioned by Amos Ori, have reached similar conclusions, that is, in the tunnels with black holes there are white sources. Some physicists claim that tunnels are not stable, that is, they remain for a certain period of time and that the matter introduced in that period escapes at intervals.

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