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2002/06/01 Andonegi Beristain, Garazi - Elhuyar Zientziaren Komunikazioa Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

Our time is defined by the continuous changes, driven by the development of science and technology. These changes occur daily and we need adequate tools to know them. For this we have created Basque Research.
The website aims to become a reference point for Research and Development that is carried out in the Basque Country. It aims to collect and publicize the research that is carried out in companies, technology centers and university.
/></div> <p>Basque Research is a website created within the framework of the Basque Government's Science and Technology Plan 2001-2004. The aim of Basque Research is to promote scientific and technological dissemination within this strategic plan. </p> <p>For this purpose, it intends to offer the door to the international collection and dissemination of information of all the agents involved in the investigation in the Basque Country. In this way, besides knowing what is done at home, they can know us outside. </p> <p>Raising the goal from two points of view is right. On the one hand, our objective is to offer to Euskal Herria, and more specifically to professionals, a public service that facilitates the socialization and promotion of the research that is carried out: facilitating the knowledge between the different agents, opening channels of collaboration, etc. </p> <p>And from the international point of view, our intention is to make known the Research and Development that is carried out in Euskal Herria and open new markets. For this reason, Basque Research will develop its activity in three languages: Basque, Spanish and English. It should be mentioned that we have a clear intention to introduce a room, the French, because our goal is to give an increasingly wider and better service. </p> <h2>In Basque Research, what can you find? </h2> <div class=/> <div class=There are three types of users: visitors, journalists and informers.

Among the main contents of Basque Research should be mentioned three: News, Agenda and Directory.

  • In the News section you can read the latest news related to Research and Development. These news are aimed at professionals and journalists, so the technical vision of the research will also be exposed.
  • In the section Agenda, events, seminars, conferences, courses, presentations, etc. related to the world of research. We will pick them up.
  • The directory is a section that deserves special mention and perhaps the most important. In this directory you will find information about companies, research centers and university groups dedicated to research. The main feature of the section is in the search system, as it offers three types of searches: by name, location and activity, and finally, by research lines.

In the search by name, for the case of universities, there are university departments, as well as the name of the principal investigator. Finally, in the search for research lines, we can know which one is working on a certain line of research, both in the technological centers and in the companies and in the university. In this way, the aim is to promote company-university collaboration, company/research centre and to facilitate relationships between groups of researchers to respond to the needs of professionals.

/> <div class=The directory has different icons that differentiate business sheets, research centers and universities.

In addition to these three sections, there are others like the alert service, the list of other websites of interest, entities, list of informants, sections of help, etc.

User types

Once content mention has been completed, the next step is to explain the type of users. They can also register three types of users: visitors, journalists and informers.

  • Informants are information providers of the Basque Research. They are the new ones, the contents of the agenda and the rest of the information they will introduce in the web. These contents also include the possibility of incorporating embargos, that is, contents that cannot be published before a deadline.
  • Journalists can be media professionals or anyone who is thirsty for information. They are information clients of Basque Research. They cannot send information, but they can see all their contents, including those kidnapped.
  • Finally, there are visitors. News, agenda, directory, etc. They will be able to see but not the contents kidnapped. Therefore, they are web pads.
/> <div class=Basic and applied research will be considered. In the image, the Faculty of Psychology of the UPV.

Finally, Basque Research does not want to be a mere repository of information, so it intends to work on the dissemination of information in specialized journals at European level, websites, etc. We are in contact with news agencies, research networks, etc. that are emerging at European level and we will promote possible collaborations with them.

Now we are only invited to enter by Basque Research, because our goal is to complete and create among all what is done for all.

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