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1997/03/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

The results of the recently celebrated Contraception Congress at the state level have achieved a great impact on the media. It is no wonder that the concern of many citizens for maintaining safe and healthy sex. In short, the aforementioned congress reached two main conclusions, in line with the results of the research carried out by the medical team Daphne.

On the one hand, the correct use of the pill, one of the most used contraceptives, is very effective (99.8% morbidity) and, on the other, the inadequate use of it makes, in our opinion, very high, the rate of pregnancy that continues to occur today. It is constantly talking about error, so the problem remains in the hands of patients who forget to take the pill or do not respect schedules.

Alfredo Otalora

In many cases doctors know that it is so. This is perceived among patients who come to the clinic. In any case, I don't think the problem should be limited to it. Doctors are also very careful about mistakes. As has already been mentioned on more than one occasion, it is necessary to carry out a selective contraception, each case, each person has specific needs to be answered, that is, not all types of pills are equal and, after a detailed study of each patient, we recommend that you use what suits you best.

Moreover, the pill is not the most suitable contraceptive for all people. We have to inform the patient of all the possibilities that he has at present, analyze his state of health, talk about the problems that each system can bring… certainly, doctors would have to give more importance to these first interviews.

In general, it seems to me that patients who come to us in search of contraception know in advance what they want; they talk to the couple or before coming to ask for our advice. That, on the one hand, shows us that there is interest, but unfortunately, those “interests” of many patients are based on prejudices; that the pill generates cancer, that once we use it we get very fat, that will make us remove the mustache... I do not have to mention it here, of course, because those convictions are well known (most or all are corrupt). We will therefore insist on the importance of information. A great effort must be made in the information campaigns, since well-informed citizens can freely decide what suits them.

Finally, I would like to remember that the best contraception can also have some mistakes. Today there is no method that offers total efficiency, of course we are approaching 100%, but perfection has not yet been achieved. Aware of this, of all those we can choose, each one will have to decide his own; as a recommendation, I would say that bet on the condom, especially among young people, because it not only serves as contraceptive, but also to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Said: it is in the hands of all.

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