For good or for evil?

1985/12/01 Iturriotz, J.M. Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

I'm sure the reader, you or someone in your environment has the credit card. Is your card safe? What is the security of the card? Let's analyze this topic.

Twenty-five years have not passed since the publication of the credit card. I say credit card because it is usually used for it. But in short, it is an identity card. I am sure that the reader, you or someone in your environment has the aforementioned card. Is your card safe? What is the security of the card? Let's study this topic.

The name, code and validity period of the user that the first cards were engraved with lists in the obverse.

Later these cards were added a magnetic tape on the back. In this way, the use of the cards is supplied with security. The cards have engraved the shield code and other information on the magnetic tape. But being a magnetic tape in which almost anyone can read their information, such as modifying their information, writing something more about the original information. Moreover, this tape can store very brief information (secret code, personal data and no more).

Therefore, these tapes are characterized by their versatility and capacity, but if this is not good, even worse is that they do not have any kind of defense with the outside, that is, anyone can handle the magnetic tape card (thieves, etc.) The solution to this problem is a card with protected memory.

The memori card has an external aspect similar to the rest, that is, it has standardized dimensions of 85x54x0,76 mm. But in the vicinity of the upper left vertex has a carved electronic microcinate and can be seen at least eight holes, which serve to electrically connect the microcinate, as well as exit/input pathways. Therefore, the essence of these cards is the microcinate. It contains the hidden code, personal data and other information.

The microcinate is a physical parallelepiped of 0.25 mm thick and some tens of mm2 of surface (see figure). It is placed in a metallic plastic film that serves as a support to the electric contact zones.

Everything is placed between two plastic sheets with the shape and high dimensions of the conventional cards, that is, a length of 85 mm, a width of 54 mm and a thickness of 0.76 mm.

The electric link is obtained by a block of eight needles in contact with eight metallic contact points that are out of the card. (See image).

The memori cards also carry a magnetic tape and the information written with letters of relaxation. Thus, memori cards also fulfill the functions of magnetic tapes.

Memori cards can store more information and offer many applications.

    Cash machines. The hidden code is impossible to know, if someone tries to enter a code that is not, the card blocks the operation. A lot of security. In automatic banking windows. ...................................................................................................................... Financial terminals. These can be located in banks or companies. It is possible to perform any type of operation or automatically update accounting entries. In Videotex terminals, system that allows to perform any banking operation without moving from home.
  • It can be the key for IT data banks and, at the same time, if the value of the information provided by the bank is discounted from your bank or if the balance is negative, you may not be informed.

So you can see what the memori card offers us. On the one hand, a greater security, without just risks, and on the other, the ability to store any information: Your bank details, your phone, the income statement, the health record, the personal code of a possible complicated and personal clinical treatment and its police record, its reputation as a delinquent, etc.

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