Proposals to open STEM doors to boys and girls

2021/07/06 STEAM-Hezkuntza (Elhuyar Zientzia)

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What can we do to spark children's interest in STEM? Great influence of parents, guardians, caregivers and families.

  • Starting work from an early age: research has shown that you have to apply these bases with very early ages, since as age increases they leave aside what they do not like. At the age of 12-14 they know what they don't like, so before you try to arouse interests.
  • Beliefs and expectations: parents' beliefs and expectations have a huge influence, especially on girls. They often choose one way or another depending on them.
  • Relationships: It is important to foster dialogue between parents and children.
  • Context: also influences the socio-cultural context; ethnicity, language, migratory situations and family structures.
  • Correcting prejudices sees the scientist as a clear white man, and it is believed that STEM studies are difficult. This is why many young people abandon STEM pathways.