MACE program and utilities for hard drive security

1987/06/01 Elhuyar Zientzia Iturria: Elhuyar aldizkaria

When a file is deleted while in the DOS operating system, the catalog or directory and the file allocation table (FAT) are modified, but the sectors in which the file was stored on the disk are not cleaned. Similarly, when formatting the hard drive using the FORMAT command, it analyzes which bad sectors are and starts the catalog, but the contents of the disk does not change. Therefore, you can recover information contained in deleted files or formatted disks.

The MACE program offers us this possibility. Recovery can be complete if our team is adapted to the prevention systems offered by the MACE program. Otherwise, recovery will be partial.

In addition to this security problem, it is a factor to take into account in hard drives the access time, related to the sectoral distribution between the different files. Disk access time can be greatly reduced if catalogs do not contain deleted file entries and the available file has as little division as possible. MAC also offers utility programs that perform this optimization automatically.

The price of this program is 15,800 pesetas (VAT not included).

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