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"I would like to find something that has not been seen, that for us it is impossible"

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It is not easy to find a gap to talk and be with Lourdes Herrasti. And, once the teaching tasks have been completed, it is immersed in archaeological research. However, he has not resigned from our invitation and has certainly answered the questions with total security. In fact, it is clear what has been the most exciting work of his career and, facing the future, he has a concrete dream. In this way, he has spoken of that discovery that thrilled him to the bottom and his desire for the future.
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What has surprised you most, altered or fascinated you since you started working?

The most surprising and important finding we have made is the Neolithic site of San Juan before Portam Latinam (Alava). It is the end of the Neolithic, but finding in it tracks of 300 people still excites me. I think it was a great discovery, especially because there were a lot of men, women and children, over a hundred children. Both for its chronology and for the size of the set impresses me and surprised us.

Now we are thinking of reresearching to get the most out of data. Because then we didn't have the technology we have today, and I think we have access to valuable information. Now we are in it, with the aim of obtaining more information.

What would you like to witness the revolution or the discovery in your trajectory?

Maybe it's a myth, but many archaeologists or at least I would like to find a complete medieval sarcophagus without touching it and be there, in addition to the skeleton, all clothes. Be well dressed, fully documented... Such a discovery would be exciting, very special. Perhaps because we have few opportunities, the dream would be for me. Because in those cases there is always someone who has arrived before you and found it. That's what I would like to be without playing.

Others, there or here, will always find similar. And there are many things, and there can be very interesting things in other parts of the world. For example, we have been in the Sahara and it has been incredible. Who would say that we were going to investigate the deposits there, looking for graves in the desert! But that we have already seen. So I would like to find something that has not been seen, that for us is impossible. The Middle Ages is also mitigated, because it was a very special world and has some fantasy... I don't know, I like that time.

Lourdes Herrasti Erlogorri
Lourdes Herrasti (Aretxabaleta, 1958) holds a degree in Geography and History from the University of the Basque Country and a professor of middle education. Specialist in osteoarchaeology, he has been working in Aranzadi for more than 30 years.

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